Bold Purple Eye Look on My Little Sister

I know colorful eye makeup can be super intimidating – I was terrified to even try it out for a long time! Even though it can take a lot of steps and so much blending, using color on your eyes doesn’t have to be complicated. I did this purple eye look on my little sister to try out some new products, and it was definitely one of the easiest looks ever!


The Zulu palette was the first Juvia’s Place product I’ve ever tried, and let me tell you, it’s amazing! There are so many bright colors in this palette and they all blend like a dream! I knew I wanted to try the purple in this palette because it’s absolutely gorgeous! I started the look by setting down my base (Tarte Shape Tape then a translucent powder to lock it in) and used a neutral light brown from the Jaclyn Hill palette as my transition. Then, I started packing the purple eyeshadow from the Zulu palette on the outer corner. I used a clean blending brush to bring it into the crease, then continued to pack the purple on until it was intense as I wanted it. Like always, I repeated these steps on my bottom lash line as well, bringing the shades into the inner corner pretty far. I also wanted to try out one of the new ColourPop Supernova Shadows, so I put the shade From The Valley onto the inner ¾ of her lid. I highlighted her inner corner with a shimmer from the Jaclyn Hill palette, and the look was all done!

This look was one of the easiest ones I’ve ever done with bright colors! It’s easy to think that it takes a ton of work and hours of blending to accomplish a cool eye look, but it doesn’t have to! I’m so happy with how this turned out, and I’m pretty sure my sister liked it too! While I’m talking about my sister, can I just mention how awesome she is for always being my model?!

Please let me know if there are any brands or looks you want me to write about! I’d love to review more products and try out more techniques for all of you!

Products & Techniques to Use for Glam Eye Looks

It’s no secret that I love to play around and practice with different colors and eyeshadow techniques in my spare time. I watch a lot of makeup tutorials and try to teach myself how to do different types of looks, and I’ve found a lot of things that work for me! I’m definitely still learning and trying to improve my makeup skills, but here are some products and tricks that I really like to use when doing glam eye makeup.

#1. Half Cut Crease

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This has to be my favorite technique by far! I love having a dramatic, smokey outer corner, then a bright color on my lid. When doing a half cut crease, I blend all my colors into my crease and outer corner, then use concealer to get rid of those colors and lay down a base for a super bright one. Some people guess where their cut crease should go, but I have a little trick for this that makes the eye look perfect every time!


I use a brush to put a little concealer right above my lash line, look up, and have a reference point to finish off the cut crease. I just make sure to fill in the half-oval shape with concealer, then set it down with a light-colored eyeshadow. This trick makes doing looks like these so simple and takes no time at all!

#2. Stila Magnificent Metals

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I’m a huge fan of glitter, and these liquid-based eyeshadows are the most glittery shadows I have ever seen! The applicator makes them easy to throw on, and when they dry down they don’t move! I use these a lot when I do my half cut crease looks, but they’re easy to use for any look. I throw them on all over the lid with a light transition color or pop them on the inner corner, and they look amazing! If you’re looking for a color that’s super glittery and vibrant, these are the way to go!

#3. NYX Glitters


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These are so fun to use, but a little more complicated than the Magnificent Metals. The NYX Glitters are loose pigments that you have to use glitter glue with, but WOW do they make your eye makeup stand out! I typically use these when I’m going to big events, like concerts or formals, where I want my makeup to stand out and look amazing in photos. These take a little more effort to use and can be a little messy, but the result is beautiful!

I have a lot of products and techniques that I use when I want my eye makeup to stand out, but these are my three favorites right now! I’m a really big fan of dark, smokey eyeshadows with a bright pop of color on the lid. These are perfect to incorporate into any eye look to make it bold and bring attention to your makeup!

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What are some tricks that you use to make your eyeshadow stand out? I’d love to hear them and continue to learn how to do different looks! Also, shout out to my little sister for being so willing to be my model in this post!

Products used: Morphe 35O2 Palette, Tarte Shape Tape Concealer, Stila Magnificent Metals in “Rose Gold Retro,” & NYX Glitter in “Bronze”

Top Picks for August

I’ve been really loving a lot of drugstore products this month, which is awesome because all of my favorites are super affordable! Since I am the definition of a broke college student, I try to stay away from using a ton of high-end products and I only buy pricey makeup when it’s something I love. I think drugstore makeup has improved so much over time and I’m so happy that so many different products work for me!

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Starting off with skincare, I’ve been loving the Cetaphil Facial Cleanser when I wash my face lately. I typically break out a lot when I’m back at school because of the stress and very little sleep, but this stuff has kept my skin so clear! I’ve only been using it for a little over a month, but I’ve noticed that my skin looks a million times better than it did last year. It’s very light on my skin and I can feel that it’s cleansing my face. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who needs a new cleanser!

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Next is base makeup. I don’t usually switch up my base too often, but I’ve been trying out a few new products in the last month or so. My ultimate favorite foundation right now is the Maybelline Superstay Full Coverage Foundation. They weren’t lying when they said full coverage, let me tell you! It covers everything, including my super red-toned skin, and makes full-coverage look natural. Not only does it look beautiful when you first apply it, but it also lasts all day. I used to work long hours at a restaurant, where I would be running around for hours at a time, and I would still get compliments on my complexion at the end of my shift. This stuff is magic in a bottle!

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Finally, I have the eye makeup. Obviously, this is my favorite part of doing my makeup, so I’ve tried out a ton of new products to find my favorites. Starting with some eyeshadow, I’ve been so obsessed with the 35O2 palette by Morphe. This is a warm-toned palette with mostly neutral colors, but it also has a few pops of red and orange. I’ve been loving warmer looks lately, and this has been my go-to all month! I did a short review of this palette a while ago, which you can read here. It’s an absolutely beautiful palette and you can create so many different looks with it!

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I’ve also been using a Maybelline mascara and it’s my new favorite. The Colossal Mascara is amazing and I get a ton of compliments on my eyelashes every time I use it! The brush is easy to use, it makes my lashes look so long, and it’s ridiculously affordable! I use this mascara in the shade “glam brown” because I like it to look a little softer to compliment my fair skin and hair. I could rave about this mascara all day, but I’m sure you’ve already heard about how awesome Maybelline mascaras are!

These are all my favorite beauty products for the month of August! I love so many different products, so picking a few favorites was really hard for me. These are just the ones that I’ve been reaching for every single day and that I know others will love too. If you’ve tried any of these products, let me know what you think of them!

Before I end this post, I just wanted to update everyone really quick. It’s been a crazy first few weeks of the semester, so I haven’t had as much time to work on blog posts as I would like. I’m still working on a lot of different posts, though, and I’m excited to be able to share them with all of you. I have some more eyeshadow tutorials that I’m really excited for you to see, some more palette reviews, and a few more colorful eye looks that you’ll love! Everything’s coming soon and I’m working as hard as I can to make them absolutely perfect! Thanks again for continuing to read my blog and supporting me!

Doing My Mom’s Makeup: Super Glam

Recently, I’ve been interested in doing other people’s makeup, since I typically only do my own. I’ve done makeup on my younger sisters, my friends, and finally, my mom. She’s definitely the type of person to do her makeup in 10 minutes or less and doesn’t like to get all glammed up. But I decided to really go all out just to see what she’d look like, especially since she just got a new haircut and wanted her face to match her new ‘do. It was so much fun to see my mom transform and to try out some new products on her!

My mom is way more tan than I am, so finding a foundation that matched her, but still gave her the coverage I wanted, was pretty difficult. We settled on an Almay foundation that she has in her makeup bag. Then, I used my favorite concealer ever, Tarte Shape Tape, to conceal and brighten her face. She had never used concealer before, so she was impressed with how it emphasized her features and made her eyes look even brighter! I set her entire face with my Covergirl Professional Loose Powder right after, making sure to set her eyelids to prep for eyeshadow.

This lady definitely isn’t familiar with contour, but she really doesn’t need it. I decided to try it just to see how it looked, making sure I didn’t overdo it. I used the ELF Contour Palette on the hollows of her cheeks, her jawline, and her nose. Then, I bronzed her face with the Physicians Formula Bronzer in a darker shade than my own, since my typical bronzers would all be too light for her complexion. I used my favorite NYX Blush on her cheekbones, then tried the Laura Geller Highlighter in Gilded Honey on the high points of her face. She loved this stuff! Since the color looks dull on my fair skin tone, I decided it would be best for mom to keep it. I finished her base by using my NYX Tinted Brow Mascara in Blonde, since her eyebrows are similar in color to mine.

Now for the fun part: eyeshadow. Since we all know how much I love Morphe eyeshadows, I decided to use one of my favorite palettes on her eyes. I used the 35K Koffee Palette to do this look. I started with a peach-y mauve color for the transition, then blended a neutral brown into her crease. Since I wanted her eye makeup to be more on the dramatic side, I threw a darker brown into the outer corner, too. Then, I used the ColourPop Super Shock Shadow in Get Lucky on the inner half of her lid to add a little bit of glitter. She never (ever) wears eyeshadow, but I thought this looked so pretty! I finished off the eyes by repeating the same steps on the lower lash line, throwing on some mascara, then adding some Ardell Wispies for even more drama. I put some more of the Laura Geller highlighter on her inner corner, and it looked amazing!

To complete the entire look, I put a ColourPop Liquid Lipstick on, and it seriously looked so good with her skin tone! She even loved the lipstick, and (surprise!) it’s super rare to see any color on her lips!

Doing my mom’s makeup was so much fun, and seeing the rest of my family react to the crazy makeup she had was awesome! I’m happy my mom was so willing to let me put about a pound of makeup on her face, but I think she really enjoyed it, too! This just goes to prove that anyone can have fun with their makeup if they’re willing to try something new. I hope you love the look that I did on my mom because I’m so happy with how it turned out!

Eyeshadow 101: The Basics

Learning how to perfect an eyeshadow look takes a LOT of practice. I’ve been teaching myself how to do different eye looks for years, and I continue to learn new techniques and tricks when doing my makeup, even now! It took lots of trial-and-error, trying new brushes, and watching hundreds of tutorials to get to the point that I’m at now. I know that there are some people who haven’t practiced applying eyeshadow too much, so I want to explain what I’ve learned about eyeshadow application.

First, you have to find a few colors that suit your skin tone and compliment your eyes. When I’m throwing on my normal, everyday eyeshadow, I tend to lean more towards warm-toned browns. I have pink undertones in my skin and green eyes, so warm colors compliment me very well. As you can probably tell by my previous posts, I’m a huge fan of Morphe and ColourPop, which are two affordable online brands. They’re known for their eyeshadow palettes and I would definitely recommend both of them to everyone! The Jaclyn Hill palette from Morphe has a lot of different colors and would suit just about anyone, so if you’re just starting out, I would highly recommend this one!


Once you have a palette that you like, you have to get a few key brushes. If I could only choose a handful brushes to use everyday, I would go for a big fluffy brush, a smaller blending brush, a pencil brush, a dense flat-top brush, and a shader brush. I’ll include a picture of these brushes right here so you get a better idea of what I’m talking about.

Big Fluffy Brush

So to start out, I always prime my eyes with concealer. I’ve found that I like using a concealer rather than an eyeshadow primer because it cancels out any discoloration in my eyelids. Then I set it with a translucent powder to finish off the base. Starting on the eyeshadow, I take a big fluffy brush and start blending a very light shade into and above my crease. This makes blending darker shadows a lot easier, and gives your eye a gradient affect.

Once I have that color down, I take a smaller blending brush with a slightly darker eyeshadow and start blending that into my crease, right below the transition color. Your crease is where your eye caves in, for lack of a better description, and it separates your eyelid from your brow bone. I also like to pack the color onto my outer corner so I have a slight cat-eye effect on my eyes. Then I go back in with my big fluffy brush to blend the two colors together.

If you want to darken up your eye even more, which is totally optional, I recommend using a pencil brush. Applying dark shadows can get messy if you’re not careful, so I always go for a small brush then blend it out later. Taking the pencil brush and your darker shadow, you’re going to want to draw a thin line into your crease. I don’t normally bring this color in too far because I like the inner corner of my eye to be brighter, so I’d say stop about ¾ of the way in. Remember to put a little bit of this onto your outer corner so that all the colors on your eye are balanced! Once this color is applied, go back in with your smaller blending brush first, then blend again using the big fluffy brush.

Another step that’s optional is placing eyeshadow on your lower lash line. I like doing this because it balances out my eye look, but if you want to stop with the lid, that’s completely up to you! I always take the two shades I started with, the transition color and the middle color, on a dense flat-top brush. I don’t want my lower lash line to be quite as smokey as the lid was, so I really want to focus the color right along my lash line. I just take the two colors and run them underneath my lash line, stopping about ¾ of the way in. If I did use a darker shade to deepen up the crease on top, then I use the pencil brush again to place that color on the outer half of my lower lash line. Always make sure to go in with previous brushes to blend, and remember to connect the shadows on the lower lash line with the outer corner of your lid.


Once I have all the matte shadows done and looking the way I want them to, I like to go in with a shimmer to brighten up my lid. You can either take a shimmer on your finger or on a shader brush (I normally just use my finger, but it’s up to you!), then put it on the inner ½ of your lid. I also put a little onto the innermost part of my lower lash line to balance out the entire look. To finish the look off, I’ll usually take a very light shimmer and put it on my inner corner and brow bone.


I know this was a lot of steps and a very long description of how I do my eyeshadow, but I hope this helped you understand the steps that go into creating an eye look! This is one of the techniques that I’ve perfected throughout my years of practicing eye makeup, and it’s so easy once you’ve done it a few times! Keep in mind that everyone’s eyes are different, so different sized brushes and colors will all depend on who you are and what compliments you!

If there’s any other type of post/tutorial that you’d like to see from me, please let me know! I really enjoyed writing this post, and I hope you’re as excited as I am to sit down and play with some makeup!

New Products of the Month: July 2018

Towards the end of summer I had a little extra money to spend, so of course I chose to spend it on new makeup! There were some products that I was so excited to try, so I went to Ulta and picked up some new stuff! I also ordered two palettes off of the Morphe website, and they are drop-dead gorgeous!

These were two palettes that I had been eyeballing for a while, so when they arrived I was so excited! I sat down and did a simple eye look using the 25C palette, which I’ll show you here!

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Products Used: Morphe 25C Hey Girl Hey Palette, Stila Glitter & Glow in Rose Gold Retro

I decided not to spend all the money I saved over the summer on makeup, but I definitely did some damage this month. I bought the NYX Matte Lipstick in Whipped Caviar because I have another shade of this lipstick and I LOVE the formula! Of course I had to buy a couple more of the NYX Metallic Glitters while I was there, so I got Rose and Lumi-Lite. Then, because a girl can never have enough glitter, I also picked up the Stila Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow in Rose Gold Retro. I’ve tried a couple of these and they’re amazing! Finally, I picked up a couple Revlon lip products. They have amazing lipsticks and liquid lipsticks, so I wanted to try some new colors. I got the Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor in Flirtation and the Electric Shock Lip Lacquer in Ruby Flash. Both are beautiful colors and I’m so excited to try them out with different eye looks!

That’s all the new makeup I bought in July! Please leave me a comment telling me whether or not you want me to update you on how these products work for me throughout the next month!

Palette Review: 35O2 Second Nature by Morphe

Warm tones are for sure my favorite colors to use on my eyes, and this palette is almost all warm colors! I used a peach color as a transition, an orange and a bold red in the crease, and a darker brown-red on the outer corner. Then I cut the crease with concealer and put the gold shimmer over that area. I repeated pretty much the same steps on the lower lash line, minus the concealer, then added an inner corner and brow-bone highlight color from the Jaclyn Hill Palette (this one doesn’t really have any highlight colors). Overall, this palette was super easy to blend, has a ton of bold colors, and I absolutely love how the look turned out! I just wish they had at least one highlight color, but I have a ton of those so I’m not too mad about it. As for my lip color, I used a Revlon nude lipstick then threw a pink-gold shimmery eyeshadow from Jaclyn Hill on top to make it super glittery.

Get the 35O2 Palette right here!