Doing My Mom’s Makeup: Super Glam

Recently, I’ve been interested in doing other people’s makeup, since I typically only do my own. I’ve done makeup on my younger sisters, my friends, and finally, my mom. She’s definitely the type of person to do her makeup in 10 minutes or less and doesn’t like to get all glammed up. But I decided to really go all out just to see what she’d look like, especially since she just got a new haircut and wanted her face to match her new ‘do. It was so much fun to see my mom transform and to try out some new products on her!

My mom is way more tan than I am, so finding a foundation that matched her, but still gave her the coverage I wanted, was pretty difficult. We settled on an Almay foundation that she has in her makeup bag. Then, I used my favorite concealer ever, Tarte Shape Tape, to conceal and brighten her face. She had never used concealer before, so she was impressed with how it emphasized her features and made her eyes look even brighter! I set her entire face with my Covergirl Professional Loose Powder right after, making sure to set her eyelids to prep for eyeshadow.

This lady definitely isn’t familiar with contour, but she really doesn’t need it. I decided to try it just to see how it looked, making sure I didn’t overdo it. I used the ELF Contour Palette on the hollows of her cheeks, her jawline, and her nose. Then, I bronzed her face with the Physicians Formula Bronzer in a darker shade than my own, since my typical bronzers would all be too light for her complexion. I used my favorite NYX Blush on her cheekbones, then tried the Laura Geller Highlighter in Gilded Honey on the high points of her face. She loved this stuff! Since the color looks dull on my fair skin tone, I decided it would be best for mom to keep it. I finished her base by using my NYX Tinted Brow Mascara in Blonde, since her eyebrows are similar in color to mine.

Now for the fun part: eyeshadow. Since we all know how much I love Morphe eyeshadows, I decided to use one of my favorite palettes on her eyes. I used the 35K Koffee Palette to do this look. I started with a peach-y mauve color for the transition, then blended a neutral brown into her crease. Since I wanted her eye makeup to be more on the dramatic side, I threw a darker brown into the outer corner, too. Then, I used the ColourPop Super Shock Shadow in Get Lucky on the inner half of her lid to add a little bit of glitter. She never (ever) wears eyeshadow, but I thought this looked so pretty! I finished off the eyes by repeating the same steps on the lower lash line, throwing on some mascara, then adding some Ardell Wispies for even more drama. I put some more of the Laura Geller highlighter on her inner corner, and it looked amazing!

To complete the entire look, I put a ColourPop Liquid Lipstick on, and it seriously looked so good with her skin tone! She even loved the lipstick, and (surprise!) it’s super rare to see any color on her lips!

Doing my mom’s makeup was so much fun, and seeing the rest of my family react to the crazy makeup she had was awesome! I’m happy my mom was so willing to let me put about a pound of makeup on her face, but I think she really enjoyed it, too! This just goes to prove that anyone can have fun with their makeup if they’re willing to try something new. I hope you love the look that I did on my mom because I’m so happy with how it turned out!


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